Be Confident In Your Self-Defense Skills

Live interactive defensive encounters at Minnesota’s premiere self-defense facility.

Sealed Mindset’s live scenario room allows you and your family to practice in a safe environment to give you the confidence to trust your skills in the moment that counts.

At Sealed Mindset, we believe that you should never experience a bad situation for the first time in the real world. Instead, we would rather that you experience a defensive encounter for the first time in a safe environment where you can learn how to react quickly to keep yourself safe.

Military Grade Self-Defense Training

You may notice that the walls in Sealed Mindset’s live scenario room look different than the walls in our other rooms. This is because these walls are heavily reinforced due to the military grade paintball rounds that we use to bring you as close as possible to reality.

Sealed Mindset is the only facility in Minnesota allowed to use these simulated rounds for civilian training purposes.

Our simulated rounds sound just like a real gun going off, but they project a non-lethal round. This means that although our rounds may hurt, they will not cause significant injury.

Custom Defense Scenarios

Sealed Mindset’s Studio Membership allows you to use the live scenario room on your own to practice. You can request an instructor to set up a scenario for you in a private lesson, or you can join our live scenario class that runs every other Wednesday evening.

Sealed Mindset’s live scenario class is open to the public and a terrific way to assess your self-defense skills.

Each class involves two full-blown scenarios with multiple role players and multiple instructors. Class sizes are limited to 6 students so everyone can receive personalized attention during practice.

Can You Fend Off Muggers?

Sealed Mindset’s Hogan’s Alley allows you to practice how to handle having a handgun pulled on you.

This is an important training area as many of us do not know that a gun encounter usually occurs at 21 feet, which a normal person can cross in less than 3 seconds.

Hogan’s Alley allows you to test your ability to draw your handgun, get it on target, and shoot three rounds in less than 3 seconds to stop the threat from harming you. 

Our live scenario studio also comes equipped with a car so you can practice fending off a car jacker or grocery store parking lot mugger.

Home Invasion Defense Training

Sealed Mindset’s live scenario room includes a section that allows you to practice what to do in the event of a home robbery or invasion.

This room also turns in to our “Navy SEAL Adventure lair” for those who want to learn how to take out the world’s most infamous terrorists.

  • SIZE: 56’ 6” W x 24’ 4” L

  • SAFETY: Defensive Padding for SIM round training.

  • SOMETHING COOL: Multiple themed areas including: Hogan’s Alley, Mini Home, Dukes of Hazzard Car.