Sealed Mindset’s Classroom

Designed for effective self-defense training

Unlike traditional programs that immediately throw you onto a live firing range or martial arts dojo, Sealed Mindset knows that adults learn best by starting in a classroom environment.

Our experts understand that in order to retain information effectively, our students need to start with easily digestible lessons in a non-threatening environment.

Building confidence

The most efficient way to build a self-defense student’s confidence is to introduce new ideas in the classroom and then put these lessons to the test through repetitions in our practice rooms.  Training tools such as SIRT laser pistols allow hundreds of repetitions with the same trigger feel and reset as a standard firearm. Visual feedback  helps them become more accurate and diagnose shooting problems. Students can build repetitions for muscle memory at a fraction of the cost of practice on a live range.

We then allow our students to implement their new skills in our live scenario room, so they can feel confident that they will be prepared for situations when seconds count.

Sealed Mindset’s classes run for daily 1.5 hour sessions, similar to gyms that offer regular classes which members can attend at-will.

Our facility current holds over 130 monthly classes.

  • SIZE: 29’ 6” W x 28’ 8” L

  • SAFETY: Equipped with a camera to give you instant feedback.

  • SOMETHING COOL: White Board Paint on Walls.