What Is Your Mindset?

At Sealed Mindset, we believe that a person’s training is never complete.

Our team believes in being safe through preparedness, planning, and observation - not simply feeling safe through happy ignorance. This is our MINDSET.

Sealed Mindset instructors will teach you how to persevere through adversity, build confidence, increase your fitness, and boost the strength of your spirit.

All of our instructors are dedicated to helping you view the world as it really is, and changing your life through our Navy SEAL-inspired training.

A Holistic Approach to Self-Defense Training

Minnesota's Premiere Self-Defense Facility

As a person who cares about health, wellness and family safety, you know you can find workouts to keep your heart healthy at any gym. You can find martial art classes to add to your ability to defend yourself at a Dojo, and you can target shoot or plink at any of the outdoor ranges in the state.

The integration of all three aspects gives you the ability and mindset to trust your actions.

Sealed Mindset is a place that allows you and your loved ones to integrate awareness training, defensive fitness, and realistic firearms experiences for defensive encounters.

Our unique training method enhances your self-awareness and allows you to make the correct choices at the time when seconds count.

The times and content of our sessions, our delivery style, and proficiency level options give you the flexibility to achieve the level of training you want at a pace that works for your busy lifestyle.


Challenge Your Mind.

Our instructors will give you the confidence you need to take action when seconds count. We will also show you how to translate your new leadership skills to spur innovation in the workplace and  inspire change in your community.


Test Your Boundaries.

Sealed Mindset is a world-class self-defense training facility that will get you in the best shape of your life. Our intense workout programs are designed by a 10-year Navy SEAL veteran and will help you perform like an elite warrior.


Feel Confident.

At Sealed Mindset, our training is all about developing functional self-defense skills. Our workouts and training sessions are designed to give you the skills and the confidence you need to tackle real-life defensive encounters.


Be Prepared.

Sealed Mindset’s Signature Series self-defense tools are designed to give you the edge in a defensive encounter. Whether it is a defensive flashlight or a customized sporting rifle, Sealed Mindset has a self-defense tool tailored to your needs.