Sealed Mindset in the News

Recent news coverage of Sealed Mindset and its founders, Larry and Anne Yatch.

Learn to Drive Like Steve McQueen

KMSP – We can’t guarantee you’ll be as cool as Steve McQueen in “Bullitt,” but a Hollywood-style driving course by Sealed Mindset won’t hurt your driving skills.
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A Former Navy SEAL Explains How To Escape A Dangerous Situation

BUSINESS INSIDER - The rigorous training Navy SEALs endure make them highly capable of handling a range of dangerous situations.  Some of them dedicate their post-military careers to passing their knowledge on to civilians.
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Memorial Day Fitness Challenge in Excelsior Honors Fallen Service Members

KSTP - A Memorial Day fitness challenge in Excelsior helped raise money and remember fallen service members.
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Take Your Date Night to the Gun Range

WCCO - All week the WCCO Morning Show has been aiming ideas at you for unique things to do this Valentine’s Day, but this one is definitely out of the range of usual plans.
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Cupid’s Glock: Date Night at Sealed Mindset’s Firing Range

MINNESOTA MONTHLY – “What did you and your sweetie do last Saturday night? Dinner and a movie? (Bo-ring!) Leftovers and Netflix? (Was one of you bedridden?) Perhaps it’s time to consider a more pulse-quickening activity: a visit to Sealed Mindset’s firing range. … Sealed Mindset’s Date Night, for example, pairs a hands-on lesson in handgun use and safety with a catered dinner.
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Former SEALs to Raise Funds for Wounded Vets at Movie Benefit in St. Louis Park

SUN SAILOR - Yatch’s ties to the events depicted in the movie include his friendships with three of the SEALs who were killed when the Taliban shot down a helicopter attempting to assist their four peers on the ground. “It’s such a small community,” he said. “It’s part of the job that’s really hard.”
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On the Job: Prepare for the Worst in your Workplace

USA TODAY – “Bad people are out there who want to harm good people, so we must admit that we need to be prepared for violence at work, a former Navy SEAL says. Just as workers may practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation or a fire drill, they also should practice how to evade or stop someone bent on hurting others.”
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Violence: Best Practice, Awareness, Mitigation and Response

HUFFINGTON POST – “Everybody can improve on keeping themselves and the people around them safer by learning the lessons of the Navy SEALs. It is a popular misconception that physical skills or prowess allow SEALs to be successful. In reality, the extraordinary actions come not from the physical but rather from the mental mindset. In this article you will find 10 lessons that will help anyone develop the mindset of a Navy SEAL”
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Sealed Mindset Growth Secret: Mix Date Nights with Sniper Training

MINNESOTA BUSINESS JOURNAL – “Tony Kieffer joined Sealed Mindset in 2011 to learn how to better protect his family and how to avoid dangerous encounters altogether. He hasn’t used his training yet, but Kieffer equates his training to a life insurance policy: Hopefully you never have to use it.”
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Most Unusual Business Idea Ever?

INC. MAGAZINE – “For entrepreneurs seeking to differentiate their start-up in a crowded marketplace, the ability to make an unusual connection is everything.  Case in point: Unless “went horribly wrong” is also involved, here are two words you never expect to appear in the same sentence: “Date” and “guns.”"
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New Hope’s Sealed Mindset Aims to Grow

STAR TRIBUNE – “The facility, from classrooms to firing ranges, was designed to accommodate Sealed Mindset’s “learn-practice-experience’’ training philosophy. That attention to detail also has gone into the selection and design of the “signature series” of high-end firearms, knives and defensive flashlights that Sealed Mindset sells.”
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Protect Yourself at New Hope’s Sealed Mindset

WCCO – “A former Navy Seal is teaching Minnesotans the art of self-defense. He’s using his elite training and war time experience to help make sure your family can protect itself.”
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Expert Says Fight Back During Attack

STAR TRIBUNE – “Self-defense expert Anne Yatch, co-owner of Sealed Mindset in New Hope, said that when you’re life is at stake, you should always fight.”
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Police Nationwide Can Learn from Boston Bombing Case

KSTP – “It’s impossible to lock down an area that big, no matter how many forces you have,” said Larry Yatch, former Navy SEAL and owner of Sealed Mindset In New Hope.
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Victory Games in the News

News articles about Sealed Mindset’s Victory Games summer camp.

Victory Games Camp: Winning by Losing, Sometimes

STAR TRIBUNE - In a week, campers learn shooting, archery, self-defense, knot-tying, tactical decisionmaking and compression-only CPR — and then put those skills to work in competitive games in which teams of two compete against each other to win the Victory Games.  It’s a little like “The Hunger Games,” only instead of life and death, the Victory Games is all about winning and losing and the benefits that can come from either one.
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New Program Teaches Kids Gun Safety, Defense, Rescue

KSTP – “They’re gonna be safer on their own, they’re gonna be safer at school, and they’re gonna be safer around tools that they normally wouldn’t have access to such as firearms or archery equipment,” explained Sealed Mindset Owner Larry Yatch.
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Sealed Mindset’s Middle School Program

News articles about Sealed Mindset’s middle school leadership development program.

Skydiver at Kasson-Mantorville Initiates Leadership Program

ROCHESTER POST BULLETIN – “Two former Navy SEALS skydived onto the Kasson-Mantorville Schools football field this morning to help kick off a student leadership program.”
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Leadership Program Aims High

KAAL – Middle School principal Al Hodge says the program will focus not only on teaching students to face challenges, but also how to become better leaders. ”We think by wrapping that up each month in journaling, answering questions, and discussion, that the kids are going to leave with some real strong leadership skills,” said Hodge.”
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Parachuting Into School

KXLT – “Parents and mentors have always passed down the motion of always going for our dreams. That message was conveyed a slightly different way in Kasson this morning as two retired Navy SEALs came down from the sky. Those SEALs certainly got class off to a great start this morning for students at Kasson-Mantorville.”
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Skydiving to Show Leadership Skills

KIMT – “For Yatch, presenting some key life lessons to hundreds of Kasson-Mantorville middle school students on September 11 has special meaning ”Both of us have lost a number of very close friends, people that we depended on to keep us alive within the conflicts that we’ve been involved in and being able to honor them and being able to pass our knowledge on to the next generation is really important to us,” Yatch said.”
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Skydivers Kick Off Leadership Program at Kasson-Mantorville School

KTTC – “A brand-new leadership program got off to a very exciting start Wednesday morning at Kasson-Mantorville middle school.  Two retired Navy SEALS kicked off the program by skydiving onto the football right Wednesday morning, landing right at the 50 yard line.”
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