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A number of Navy SEALs that worked with Chris Kyle decided to honor him by holding private screenings of the movie American Sniper.  

They did this to tell the real story behind "The Legend", to bring honor to the SEAL community, and most importantly to raise money to support the family he left behind.

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Living to Serve

Chris isn’t the only veteran that heroically served. Our nation's military, law enforcement, and first responders are all cut and forged from the same stock.  The desire to serve others is what drives them. For some, it is a lifelong dream while others just happen to follow the same path, but all share one desired end state: to serve and protect the people and the country they love.


What happens when that desire to protect is there but the ability to protect is gone?  How does a person, whose only desire is to serve and protect others, function if they can no longer fulfill that desire?  


Imagine taking a lion that has grown up in the wild and suddenly putting it in a zoo.  A lifetime full of instincts and training is suddenly rendered useless.  The lion feels he needs to hunt, but there is no prey.  He feels the need to protect his pride, but there is no pride. Imagine the frustration, the loss of what that lion was supposed to be and do and how the skills and experience that the lion possessed are rendered meaningless.


These are the same feelings that thousands of our nation's finest soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines feel everyday.  Some are injured and physically can't do their job anymore.  Some make a conscious choice to put family first and carry the burden of guilt for choosing not to be out there when they are still able.  Whichever road led them there, the destination is the same: feeling lost.


But it doesn’t have to end this way. There is a solution.


Learn How to Find New Purpose

Every night of Sealed Mindset's American Sniper event began with a presentation from Larry Yathch and Eric Davis.  Larry was an officer on SEAL Team 3 the same team and at the same time as Chris.  Eric was Chris' mentor at sniper school.  

The entire presentation is now available for you to own!  You will hear how:


  • Chris Kyle gave Larry new purpose after being medically retired from the Navy and how in one simple conversation, he took Larry from the road of depression and brought him back to a path of service.

  • How Chris Kyle thought of himself, and the three shocking words he used to describe his service as the most effective sniper in American history.

  • What Sniper school is really like, instead of the gloss-over it received in American Sniper.

  • The one critical human performance formula that is so important, it resulted in Chris being able to pass sniper school and go on to become “The Legend.”

  • Chris Kyle wasn’t simply important to the battle, but was critical: hear how from the SEAL officer who worked with him overseas.


More than all of this, you will be helping SEALs honor their fallen brother, and live up to their most sacred vow: to help provide for the families of their fallen comrades.


HALF of every dollar this presentation makes during this online sale is a direct donation to the Kyle family. You could literally write on your credit card statement that you helped the family of “The Legend.”


Come join us. Let’s tell the world that we are grateful for the sacrifice that Chris made. That when we had the chance to know the true history of one of America’s heros, that we made a difference for the family he left behind. Let us tell you the true story of one of America’s greatest heroes, Chris Kyle. “The Legend.” The American Sniper.

Learn the life changing advice that
Chris Kyle shared with me and honor this true American Hero

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I know that you will learn just as much from this video as I did from Chris himself.  


Larry Yatch