Defensive Flashlight Training

Keep yourself safe with this easy-to-use safety tool.

For those of us who travel for work or who attend college, having a defensive tool that you can take through a dark parking lot, on a bus, on a train, on a plane, and anywhere overseas is a must!

A Defensive Flashlight is one of Sealed Mindset’s favorite tools because it is more effective than mace or a Taser, can be carried across the country and around the world without legal repercussions, and is easy for anyone to learn how to use.

This event will teach you how to use a high-powered flashlight to keep distance between you and a potential threat.  We also review how our bodies react to stress, the mindset to stay safe, and how to identify a suspicious person to avoid a defensive encounter.

Each student will get to participate in live scenarios to practice deterring a threat from a distance.

Pricing Information

Sealed Mindset’s two-hour Defensive Flashlight events are $49 per person. Corporate and private events are available for groups of 8 to 20 participants.

Participant Feedback

“My daughter and her friend both attended defensive flashlight, which was taught by Anne. I just wanted to say thank you from a father and compliment you on your staff and instruction/courses. Both of them enjoyed the class immensely. My daughter was jazzed by the whole experience and said she could immediately use what she had learned. Since both are students at the U of M in Minneapolis (and I’m a very protective dad), I appreciate the efforts made to make the course well worth the time and money.” – Jeff

“I just wanted to let your team know that my wife and I had a great time at the Defensive Flashlight class last night. My wife had not been to Sealed Mindset before and was a bit apprehensive. She took a lot away from the training and I know we will be back for more. Our instructor, Brit, was very good and made my wife feel comfortable despite all the new information. She presented the material in a way we could all understand and then use as a take away immediately in our daily lives to be more aware.” – Reid

“Thank you for the Defensive Flashlight class yesterday and for taking the time to speak with me after class. It was amazing how much more aware I was walking my dog last night. I have always tried to make a point of being aware, but after the class, I had a plan and knew what to look for…which felt more empowering. I wish I had started taking classes a few years ago when I first heard about Sealed Mindset on Armed American Radio. I am doing this now to learn a valuable skill to protect my family. Thanks to you and your team for what you do!” – Keith

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