Will Your Teen Be Safe On Campus?

Self-defense training for college-bound teens.

This event is a popular choice for parents who worry about the safety of their teens at school. Violent attacks and muggings are unfortunately common at colleges across the country, so it is important for teens to have fundamental self-defense skills before setting foot on campus.

Sealed Mindset’s College Safety Class is a 3-hour event that covers everything from situational awareness to physical defense to give students the skills to be more observant of their new environment.

Teach your teen how to avoid bad situations on campus.

Sealed Mindset instructors will teach your student how to plan for safety and introduce vital tools that will work across a wide variety of defensive encounters.

This course also includes a discussion on safety practices for travel abroad and a hands-on demonstration of skills.

Many parents and students to attend the College Safety events together, ensuring that all members of the family incorporate awareness habits and self-defense skills into their daily lives.

Pricing Information

Sealed Mindset offers public College Safety classes for $99 per person.

Private events are also available for groups of 8 to 20 participants.

Member Feedback

“Thank you so much for helping make my son John’s preparation for college safety an enriching and “safe” experience.

John really enjoyed learning both physical defense techniques and the importance of mindset in success.  Your staff was also instrumental in tuning up the volume on the training scenarios.  John said he is very likely to continue learning with your group. Thank you.

Thank you again for what was a comprehensive and relevant course.  John was able to demonstrate hi new skills in the living room for his mother- very confidence-building to have a plan.”
- Peter M., parent.

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